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Disclaimer: Please note that this information is presented for educational purposes only, and cannot include all of the information required to make informed decisions regarding drug use; all drugs affect every user differently. Dosage and combination data is provided as a general guideline, not as a recommendation and not as medical advice. If you believe you are in need of medical aid, then seek medical attention immediately. SOOAR does not endorse drug use, and while our team makes a best effort to provide accurate information, we do not claim that it is 100% correct. Always do your own research and be safe.

At SOOAR, we are dedicated to providing resources to individuals and communities in need. We understand that access to resources can be difficult, but we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our programs are designed to empower and uplift those who need it most, and we are committed to making a positive impact on the world.

SOOAR is committed to reducing the harm associated with drug use by providing access to harm reduction resources, including clean drug paraphernalia, overdose prevention kits, and HIV testing. We believe that anyone can take steps to reduce the risk of harm in their lives, and we strive to support individuals in their efforts to stay healthy and safe. Our organization provides a safe and supportive environment  and we are here to support anyone in need.

You can use myStrength’s web and mobile tools to support your goals and well-being. Learning to use myStrength’s tools can help you overcome the challenges you face and stay mentally strong. And it’s all safe, secure, personalized, and FREE– just for you. 

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