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Harm reduction incorporates a spectrum of strategies that includes safer use, managed use, abstinence, meeting people who use drugs “where they’re at,” and addressing conditions of use along with the use itself.

STIGMATIZED- Viewing life through the eyes of substance use

Stigma is defined as the experience of being “deeply discredited” or marked due to one’s “undesired differentness.” To be stigmatized is to be held in contempt, shunned or rendered socially invisible because of a socially disapproved status


What Can Be Done To Fight Stigma? Know the facts. The majority of people who ever try any drug do not use them problematically and do not develop a physical dependence. People who struggle with drug dependence, however, should be afforded the same dignity, respect and support as a person who struggles with any difficult issue. The public’s perception of the “deadliest” and “most addictive” drugs are often not based on scientific evidence. You can help end stigma by learning the facts about drugs, drug use and evidence-based drug treatment and sharing the information with others.



We are spearheading a movement, in Metro-Detroit, encouraging faith communities to finally wake up and understand the true nature of addiction, and its impact on us all. We want to rejoice in seeing peoplereudce harm, choose recovery,  sharing their stories, giving them permission to open their hearts, and share their own struggles in life. We see a transformation of faith communities becoming a place that fully welcomes "All God's Children". A place where all are welcome and are surrounded by people who have an educated understanding and can offer hope, encouragement and healing for all.

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