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Is your child unsure how to handle anger, or are they shy when the teacher calls their name?  If your child is in grades 6-12, SOOAR has a 15 week  program that can help them make the right choices at the right time.


Built on an award winning, evidence-based prevention approach proven to reduce substance use, aggression and violence. These tools provide students with essential social and emotional skills for coping with the current pandemic, fostering positive youth development, and promoting mental health. The life skills program is to make sure our youth are equipped with the tools that are necessary for making the right choices as they grow up. Life skills focuses on 3 main components:


Drug resistance skills, which enable them to recognize and challenge beliefs and untruths about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs;


Personal self management skills, which show you how to examine your self image and the effects on your behavior; Financial literacy and responsibility.


General Social skills, which teach them the necessary skills to overcome shyness, communicate effectively, and to recognize that they have choices when faced with tough situations.

Topics include:

Making decisions; alcohol myth and realities; Coping with anger; Communications skills; and financial literacy.  With life skills, young people not only receive information, they are able to talk about the reasons for certain behaviors and which coping strategy should be used.  The sessions are interactive with behavior rehearsals and lots of fun!

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“This program was made possible by funding provided by Detroit Integrated Health Network

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