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Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

Human trafficking is complex and impacts people at various intersectionalities of ages, races, genders, sexual orientations and nationalities. However, people who are are disproportionately impacted are those discriminated and oppressed (LGBTQIA+ youth), disability, unlawful immigration status, poverty, and prior abuse (including child abuse and sexual assault).

Traditional approaches to human trafficking prevention rely heavily on the criminal legal system. However, human trafficking is fueled by complex and interconnected factors including poverty and economic injustice, racism, discrimination, and weak worker protections. 


Trafficking occurs in a variety of sectors including domestic work, agriculture, restaurants, manufacturing, the sex trade, and construction, among many others. These crimes are often under-reported and a sole focus on sex trafficking. 


Survivors have different needs and solutions to their accountability process. They must be centered in the determination of those solutions.


True prevention must address the root causes that make people vulnerable in the first place and create equity in those spaces.


Learn how to recognize red flags and provide support to people in those situations with us!

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