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We are the church: Where faith, fellowship, and harm reduction truly intersect.


Called 2 Care Ministries looks through the veils of judgment and stigma, and has an appeal to those that are hurting (and) that have been traumatized in life, and may not have found places of acceptance inside the “church”.



“Co-creating a justice movement which connects people who use drugs, people who do sex work, and communities of faith through the development of harm reduction centered spiritual resources, ritual support, and spiritual care.” National Harm Reduction Coalition SOOAR’s “Called 2 Care”

– Harm Reduction Ministry

 “Called 2 Care Ministry”  is dedicated to building capacity and mobilizing communities at the intersection of harm reduction and faith-based organizing. Born from conversations with communities of faith, harm reduction organizations, and people who use drugs, this program fills a unique role as a connector, community mobilizer, and capacity builder:

  • It is the expression of radical welcome, the welcoming of all stories and paths. It calls people by name, and attends to and cherishes the particularities.

  • It is a hospitality that seeks people out, meets them where they are, and invites them into a loving community.

  • It is love that stands with awe at the hardships that people carry, rather than stands in judgment at how they carry it.

We are spearheading a movement, in Metro-Detroit, encouraging faith communities to finally wake up and understand the true nature of addiction, and its impact on us all. We want to rejoice in seeing peoplereudce harm, choose recovery,  sharing their stories, giving them permission to open their hearts, and share their own struggles in life. We see a transformation of faith communities becoming a place that fully welcomes "All God's Children". A place where all are welcome and are surrounded by people who have an educated understanding and can offer hope, encouragement and healing for all.

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