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MISSION: We are a group of aspiring youth who will become well educated citizens and provide unique contributions to the community improving the quality of life for all residents.

GOAL: To empower youth to identify and respond to community needs setting them on a course to potentially continue this important work in the future. 


Whitney Miller, is a 27 years old Mom who is affected by the lost of her Fiance, Cornell Ward. Whitney met Cornell Sr. at the age of 19 years old. She describes it as love at 1st sight. “We were inseparable,” she says. “If you saw him you saw me.” At the age of 21 Whitney gave birth to their 1st child Ah'Dora Ward who is now 6 years old and at the age of 25 she gave birth to their son Cornell Jr who is now 17 months. On February 20th their world came crashing down when Cornell was in a fatal car accident. Whitney never imagined life without him. Whitney and Cornell were planning to get married on the 26th of February 2016 and she feels it was all snatched away from her, and their family. Ah'Dora was 5 at the time and Cornell Jr was only 8 months. He's missed so much of his kids lives including their birthdays, Ah'Dora started 1st grade and,Cornell's 1st steps. Whitney explains the journey as follows, “Everyday is a struggle for me to keep going but i know that i have to. These holidays coming up are the 1st holidays without him. It’s hard. He played a big part in my life and his children lives. I’m trying to make the best of everything but it’s so hard. It still seems like yesterday this all happened and it’s still very much overwhelming. I do appreciate all you guys taking the time out to think about me and my children. God bless.


Reaching out changing kids

Our community service opportunities enable you to partner with to provide assistance to families in need. Please help us to help them.

ROCK members are ages 10 - 19 and are dedicated to making a difference. We are involved in several community and environmental service projects including:

  • Developing and promoting programs that build strong character traits and skills teens will use into adulthood.
  • Planning events that will educate and inform local teens.
  • Advocating partnerships with community stakeholders, agencies, existing teen programs.


The youth advisory council and coalition 

887 Sumpter Road

Belleville, MI 48111