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Thank You Flagstar Bank for you sponsorship of the 2017 SOOAR Financial Literacy and Prevention day!

SOOAR  focuses our work on youth, youth group leaders, educators, clergy, volunteers, and others who recognize the role they play in prevention in the communities. We call them our Partners. These are individuals who have seen the need for prevention in their community and are working to address it. 

Community Prevention goals:

  • To improve the living experiences of children, youth and families and to stabilize and strengthen the family and community by developing productive programs.
  • To prevent child abuse, neglect and delinquency as well as reduce the alienation of youth from the community.
  • To enable neighborhood groups and organizations to serve youth more effectively, particularly in neighborhoods that have high instances of poverty, substance abuse, crime and truancy.
  • To promote collaborative relationships between neighborhood groups, prevention agencies, and other public and private agencies providing services to families.