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Thank You TCF and Flagstar Banks for you sponsorship of the 2017 SOOAR Financial Literacy and Prevention day!

The youth of SOOAR entered a scarecrow in the Belleville' Downtown Development Authority' Booville contest. The youth decided to make the scarecrow in the image of SOOAR' Executive Director, Valerie Kelley-Bonner. They did a great job! Don't you agree?

SOOAR  focuses our work on youth, youth group leaders, educators, clergy, volunteers, and others who recognize the role they play in prevention in the communities. We call them our Partners. These are individuals who have seen the need for prevention in their community and are working to address it. 


It was a pleasure to host the "How fit are You, Financial Fitness Workshop" in the City of Inkster with Councilwoman Mitchell (City of Inkster-pictured), Carolyn Smith (Starfish Family Services), Chris Aikens (Flagstar Bank), Amy Parten (GreenPath Financial Solutions), and Gregory Bailey (PNC Bank). There was a plethora of information disseminated on down payment assistance, home improvement grants, credit repair and more. Knowledge is power!!