Valerie Kelley-Bonner is the Founder and Director of Strategies to Overcome Obstacles and Avoid Recidivism (SOOAR), a 501C3 nonprofit substance use prevention agency a licensed CAIT (Community, Change, Alternatives, Information and Training) providers by Michigan Department of Community Health Substance Abuse Prevention Section and prevention provider for Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority.

On the surface, she is an extremely accomplished professional who rose through the ranks in the fields of science, engineering, and information technology for over 20 years. But if you scratch the surface, you will discover that she is very passionate about social causes which prompted her to pursue her desire for social entrepreneurship. Inspired by her mentor, the late Reverend Sarah Anderson, in 2006 she founded Beacon Life Skills Coaching (now known as SOOAR), a 501C3 Nonprofit Prevention Agency, to collaborate with educational and community institutions to bring knowledge, information, and heightened awareness of issues and problems impacting community health, effective parenting, life skills, and community mobilization. 



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Our Vision

Trische' has been working with SOOAR since April of 2017. By profession she is a social worker, graduating with her Masters Degree in Decemeber 2014. She loves to build connections within the community, as well as building bridges between the community and agencies that can offer help to community members in time of distress. Her greatest passion is helping people become who they are destined to be. 

Our Mission

Our team is committed to working with the commuity to make a difference.

By implementing leadership strategies we encourage, enlighten, and empower low income and at-risk individuals, families, and communities stimulating positive personal change which leads to more productive lives.

She has an MBA and has worked in the fields of business, science, education, engineering, and information technology.  She is a Certified Prevention Consultant (CPC-R) under the auspice of Michigan Certification Board of Addiction Professionals, a Certified Trainer of several evidence based prevention programs, and has several other certifications and different areas of expertise.  She enjoyed volunteering her time for Kiwanis Club #1 of Detroit for 10 years, She enjoyed co-founding New Beginnings Charter School Academy in Ypsilanti Michigan and presiding over the Board of Directors of for 17 years. She currently volunteers on the board of the Metro Detroit Charter Center. She cares passionately about social causes involving children, poverty alleviation, community development and mobilization and economic empowerment.

Urgent Projects

Owen has a heart and a passion for people; he has worked with the homeless population for almost 20 years. He often says, “I would rather wear out than rust out”. Owen has served on different Boards.  Currently he is one of the Chairmen  for the SOS Foundation. He also held a position as a Board Member for Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR), an organization that was started by the Indianapolis Justice Department, were he worked with Prosecutors and Law Enforcement.  He served on the Board of Beginning Bridges Community Development Corporation.  Owen is the Founder and Executive Director for Affordable Housing and Neighborhood Development (AHAND), Vice Chair for CPR Network in the 35211 working with and Mentoring ex-felons, Mentor for Joseph’s House Inc. a 501(c)3 Organization, and was an active member of the Southeast Region Business Association.

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Director of strategic planning and capacity building, Owen Roper

our executive director, Valerie Kelley-Bonner, MBA, CPC-R

SOOAR is an acronym for Strategies to Overcome Obstacles and Avoid Recidivism. We are a 501c3 nonprofit corporation and a licensed Community Awareness Information and Training (CAIT) Provider by the State of Michigan Department of Community Health Substance Abuse Division that provides substance abuse prevention, life skills coaching, and community mobilization services. We are a growing and dynamic community enrichment and learning center and we are proud of the many ways we bring meaning to communities and improve the quality of life for low income, at-risk individuals, and other families we serve. We welcome the opportunity for you to volunteer with us.

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Michigan is second in human trafficking in the nation.....


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Hours of Operation:

Monday through Thursday - 10am until 5pm

Friday by appointment only call 734-697-9511

​Saturday and Sunday Closed

To be the most valued agency through continuous improvement, integrity, and small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the individuals, families, and communities we serve.